Session Tips & What To Wear

Be Prepared!

Make sure everyone has got enough sleep and enough to eat before the session. Especially the younger ones! I know it can be stressful getting everyone ready and get to the session on time. If you feel yourself getting a bit frazzled, take a deep breath! The more relaxed everyone is, the better the pictures will be.

What to bring (Totally Optional)

+ Hairbrush or comb
+ Foundation powder and lipstick/gloss for touch-ups
+ Snacks or bribery candy
+ Baby wipes
+ A blanket to sit on (I can bring one if you need)

Wardrobe Tips

Try to avoid clothing with large logos or prints on them. At the minimum, your outfit should be business casual.

Iron your clothes! Wrinkles show up in pictures easily.

Don’t wear clothing that is too tight, too small or generally makes you uncomfortable.

Your family doesn’t have to wear all the same color/pattern. I think it looks better if you mix it up a bit. Just as long as you’re coordinated, you and your family will look fantastic.

Here are the colors that are trending right now:

Toddlers: Should avoid wearing overalls or dresses that bunch up easily when sitting or being held.

Ladies: Make sure to wear your makeup slightly heavier than your daily wear. A light lip gloss always looks beautiful. Dresses and skirts should be at least knee length or have leggings worn under them because they tend to ride up when sitting.

What to expect

We may be walking along dirt roads, so please make sure the shoes you are wearing can get a little dirty. If not, bring an additional pair and swap them out when we take pictures.