Meet Sabrina

Sabrina & Mark by Angie WhitakerI’m Sabrina Rose Startup – dachshund lover, sugar obsessor and photographer! I started my love of photography at a young age. I got my first 110 film camera (remember those?) at age 10. It was hot pink and damn cool. I took loads of images of the people around me. It was then I discovered a new way of looking at the world. At age 16, I expressed to my parents that I wanted to┬átake a photography class at a local community college. Much to my surprise and gratitude, they bought me my first camera and I was on my way to learning what I am most passionate about. In 2002, I earned my BA in Photography from San Jose State University, where I learned how to work with both natural light and flash. I have such a fun time working with families and children; getting to meet new people with such diverse backgrounds is really amazing!